Computer Upgrades & Service

Laptop / Computer Upgrades:

Since 1998, Network Logic’s team of I.T. professionals has provided Laptop & Computer services, upgrades and Data Recovery for Apple and Windows Operating systems.

If your system is running slower than preferred or looking to increase your storage because you are running out of space, Network Logic can provide you with an Estimate to upgrade.

Data Recovery:

Network Logic provides data recovery services for Apple and Windows laptops and computers. If your system has crashed and you are not able to recover your data, please give us a call so we can setup an appointment

To have you bring your system into us so we can provide you a quote to recover your critical data.

Malware, Virus, Ransomware:

If you believe your system has been compromised due to either a Virus, Ransomware ; Network Logic can clean up your computers, laptops and Servers and ensure you will not get hit with Ransomware or a Virus.

Ransomware has been on the rise since 2018 and will continue to cost business’ billions of dollars a year to recover their data. Network Logic has over 30 years of experience with setting-up multiple defense mechanisms including Firewalls to block these intruders’ before they get into your computer, laptop or iPhone.